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    HeadshotHamid has always been interested in law as a means to assist those who need help.  During his time at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, Hamid participated in the school’s Immigration Clinic, centered on providing undocumented and under privileged individuals with free legal assistance. During his one year at the Immigration Clinic Hamid gained invaluable experience while serving the community.

    After graduation Hamid worked at the Dolan Law Firm, one of the premiere Plaintiffs firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Now in his own office, Hamid focuses his practice primarily  on immigration, hoping to serve as  a resource to immigrants and refugees in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Hamid has also been active as a member of the Iranian American Community of Northern California, focusing on legislative advocacy and community outreach on issues related to Iranin refugees and human rights. Apart from his legal work, Hamid is also an active blogger, writer, and tech enthusiast. His interests include environmental policy, cyber activism, and third world politics.

    • State Bar #  # 283539
    • Graduate of the University of the Pacific Mcgeorge School of Law