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The Law Office of Hamid Yazdan Panah is proud to serve the San Francisco Bay Area in Immigration matters, and provide guidance on other areas of law. The firm is based in Berkeley, California, and handles immigration matters throughout the Califoria. We offer free consultations and can work with you to provide great service at a fair price. Give us a call today for an honest legal opinion regarding your immigration law matter.

Hamid Yazdan Panah is a Bay Area Immigration Attorney dedicated to providing a guidance, support and assistance to immigrants, refugees and those seeking to become new American citizens.  As someone who came to this country as an Iranian immigrant, Hamid Yazdanpanah understands the how difficult the immigration process can be, and can help you and your family navigate the complexities of this process.

It is important to make sure that your immigration matter is handled in a competent and professional manner.  There is no need for you to have to face the complex area of immigration alone. With the help of an experienced Berkeley Immigration attorney at your side, you can be confident that your mater is being handled in an professional and expedient manner.

Having your immigration matter reviewed by a Bay Area Immigration Attorney can ensure that you choose the best path in becoming a new American citizen. Hamid Yazdan Panah is available to discuss your immigration issues and can provide you with legal advice and guidance in other areas of law as well.

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  • Immigration matters can be very complex and challenging. Relocating from one country to another can be a stressful event, and understanding the complexities and nuances of the immigration process can make this process even more difficult.

    In order to assess whether you need to retain counsel for an immigration matter you should consult with an immigration attorney to get a specific evaluation for your situation.  Retaining an immigration attorney can ensure that your immigration matter is handled in a responsible and expedient manner.

  • Only a licensed attorney or accredited representative is authorized and qualified to assist you with your immigration matters. The unauthorized practice of law is a crime in the state of California.

    You can check whether an immigration lawyer is in good standing and licensed by contacting your state bar or state Supreme Court.

  • Visas

    Temporary visas , Permanent visas through employment and Permanent family visas and the visa lottery

  • Citizenship and Naturalization

    Assistance in adjusting status and choosing the best path to becoming a US citizen.

  • Asylum and Temporary Protected Status

    Assisting vulnerable refugees and those who need humanitarian assistance in immigration matters.

  • Deportation and Removal

    Assistance in dealing with deportation and removal proceedings.

  • Victims of crimes or domestic violence

    Assistance for undocumented individuals who have been victims of crime or suffered domestic abuse.

  • Non-Immigration Legal Services

    Do you have a general legal question?  We may be able to assist you.