U-VisaHow to renew reentry permit

Often times individuals who have received a green card may be forced to go abroad for an extended period of time. For trips that may last longer than 6 months it is advisable to apply for a reentry permit in order to ensure that you do not mistakenly abandon your residency. As a result it is important to obtain a reentry permit before you decided to take an extended trip abroad. But what if you already have a reentry permit, and it is set to expire, can you apply for another one?

To find out more information about reentry permits consult USCIS here.

This post is meant to directly address the questions surrounding how to renew reentry permit. This assumes that you already have one, and need to extend it.

In order to renew your reentry permit you must fill out the same form you used to initially apply for your reentry permit, form I-131. You must also include the correct fee for this application and include the require passport photos. If your reentry permit has not yet expired, you must send it in with your application for a new permit in order to receive a new and updated reentry permit.  Be sure to consult the instructions for form I-131 for correct fees and specific instructions for this application. 

Another very important point to note, you cannot apply for your reentry permit while you are abroad. You must be in the United States when you decide to apply. However, you are allowed to travel abroad while you wait for your decision, and can ask that your reentry permit be sent to a US consulate abroad.

It is also important to note that you cannot simply continue to file for multiple reentry permits over and over again, each request is reviewed independently but you must show adequate reasons for your decision to reside abroad for an extended period of time. For example the following reasons could be sufficient to justify an extended absence.

  • Completing an educational program abroad
  • Attending to family or business affairs
  • Traveling for an extended period

Having a reentry permit is the best way to avoid complications upon your return from an extended trip abroad. You may also want to get a reentry permit if you plan on traveling outside the United States and cannot or do not wish to get a passport from your home country.  Be sure to check with any country you plan to visit about specific requirements before you travel.

Be sure to consult with an experienced immigration attorney to ensure that your application to renew reentry permit is granted.

This information is intended solely for educational purposes and is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied upon or substituted for actual legal advice.

If you need help to renew reentry permit from USCIS consider consulting with an immigration attorney to find out what the proper course of action is.