UntitledOne of the most important elements for filing for asylum in the United States, is to do so within a reasonable time of arrival, or a changed circumstance in your life.  This normally means that an asylum applicant is required to file for asylum within the first year they enter the United States, this is normally called the “one-year bar”. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule including a changed circumstance in your home country, or a changed circumstance in a person own life.

It is important for an applicant to get an assessment of their situation in order to understand if they are eligible for asylum, and if they meet these requirements. Often times the law can be confusing for applicants, especially those who are refugees or who are new the the United States.

Asylum applicants should seek to have their case reviewed by an asylum attorney, or a non-profit organization that assists in asylum applications. This initial screening can crucial in identifying the main issues in an application, and screening for any potential bars the applicant may face.

For asylum applicants in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are a number of non-profit organizations which can assist individuals who need assistance in applying for asylum. Alternatively, applicants can contact a low-fee San Francisco Asylum Attorney, in order to obtain assistance at a low rate.

It is important to remember that having an asylum attorney can very well make the difference in whether or not your application is successful.  As a result I highly recommend contacting a local non-profit if you qualify for their services, or a San Francisco Asylum Attorney in order to discuss your asylum matter.

The circumstances which give rise to asylum applications are often difficult and stressful and can include fleeing from persecution, violence and torture. Applicants should not fear the asylum process, and should be able to get through it without stress or confusion. Finding an asylum attorney who can provide you with this peace of mind and understanding can make a huge difference for an application.

For more information on non-profits assisting in asylum in the Bay Area, check our resources page.

This information is intended solely for educational purposes and is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied upon or substituted for actual legal advice.