Immigration-AttorneysFinding Success as a Solo Immigration Attorney

Distinguishing yourself as a solo immigration attorney is not only about appearance and customer service, it can also be about passion and activism. Too often those who seek to build a professional reputation forget about the passion that drove them to become an attorney in the first place. Viewing your decisions as an attorney within the framework of cost benefit analysis may be the safest thing to do, but there are times when standing up for your principles can mean more than your bottom line. Passion is palpable, and standing up for a cause will not only reward your own conscience but will help you build a distinguished reputation as a solo attorney.

Social responsibility and community engagement have now become integral parts of our economy, this includes understanding how to develop a practice which is sustainable and helpful to the community it serves. This model not only makes business sense, but it distinguishes your practice and strengthens your reputation as socially conscious attorney.

There is no question that access to justice remains a pressing issue for many parts of American society, and although there are groups and organizations dedicated to addressing this, solo immigration attorney’s are in better positions than most to make a difference. Not only do solo’s have more control of their schedules and case loads they can also effectively design their practice to address the needs of their community. In doing so they can demonstrate their commitments to making change and giving back.

There are numerous ways to develop a conscious practice. Depending on your practice areas and client base you may consider developing a sliding scale fee system to serve lower income clients, or dedicate a certain percentage of your caseload to pro bono clients. Partnering with local non-profits can provide you opportunities to represent clients in need, and allow you to directly engage in community based efforts to help others.

Being an attorney often means advocating for what you believe is right. Naturally this can lend itself to activism and leadership roles, even when you are not acting acting on behalf of a client. These opportunities are good for your career, and good for your soul.

Putting your passion on display can also take place outside of your law office. Consider taking a stand on an issue that you feel particularly strongly about. Writing an op-ed in the local paper, speaking at a town hall, or organizing a petition are just one of many ways you can get involved as an advocate. Taking part in know your rights clinics and advising your community members about their rights and responsibilities can be rewarding and goes a long way in establishing your reputation as a resource in the community.

There are countless opportunities to get involved in various initiatives, even if you are not directly trained in that area of law. Each year hundreds of naturalization fairs are put on to help legal permanent residents apply for citizenship. Dozens of attorneys volunteer to assist in these clinics, many of whom have no experience in immigration law, but are willing to undergo brief training to get involved. The events provide networking opportunities, community interaction and overall great karma for your practice.

Finding opportunities for activism and putting passion into your practice is an important part of developing a sustainable career path as a solo. Not only will your efforts earn your recognition and respect from clients and peers, but they will provide you with an added sense of purpose and rewarding relationship with members of your community. In building a sustainable practice, don’t discount the power of your own passion and activism to lead you to success and make you stand out more than any marketing plan could.

Finding Success as a Solo Immigration Attorney