Case Update from USCISHow do I get a Case Update from USCIS

A typical question from prospective clients is: How do I get a Case Update from USCIS.

This question is very common, particularly for those who have a pending case and would like to find a way to get some sort of Case Update from USCIS. We all know that processing times for cases can vary widely, both with regard to different types of cases with USCIS as well as different USCIS offices.  There are a number of different ways to get an update from USCIS with regard to your case, but keep in mind these are just general solutions and are not case specific.

1. Check your case status online
You can get an update on your case status online using the USCIS website case status portal. Simply type in your receipt number and see what the most recent updates are. Keep in mind the updates provided here are general and likely will not provide you an estimated time of completion for your case or any other case specific information..

2. Call the USCIS toll free number.
USCIS has a toll free number for customer support: 1 (800) 375-5283.
This phone number is staffed with customer service agents who can provide you with information on your case. You need to have your receipt number handy and be prepared to provide them information about the case. You normally have to be a party to the case in order to receive this information. Customer service agents on the phone can give you a good amount of information about your case, and can even put in service requests with regard to your cases or escalate your call to a supervisor if need be.

3. Schedule an InfoPass Appointmen
If either of the two routes previously mentioned did not provide you with guidance the last resort to get a case status update from USCIS can be to schedule an InfoPass appointment at your local USCIS office. This process will allow you to speak to someone from USCIS about your case, in person. As a result it may be the best way to get a clear and precise answer about what is going on with your case. However be advised that it may be difficult to book an appointment with InfoPass as there is often very busy. The best times to get an appointment are to log in early in the mornings to find a time. Be sure to bring all necessary paperwork with you to your appointment as well as proper ID to enter the building.

4. Talk to an immigration attorney
The last but not least way to get an update is to simply talk to an immigration attorney. This may be the most direct way to talk to someone with experience with regard to the immigration process with the ability to follow up on your behalf. It may be best to schedule a consultation with an experienced immigration attorney in order to find out how best to approach your case.

This information is intended solely for educational purposes and is not intended as legal advice, nor should it be relied upon or substituted for actual legal advice.

If you need help getting a  Case Update from USCIS consider consulting with an immigration attorney to find out what the proper course of action is.