F1-visa-interview-questions-Hyedrabad-2010-300x198Iranians in administrative processing

One of the most common questions I get from Iranian applicant’s who are going through consular processing is what to do with regard to administrative processing, what this process means, and how to deal with it.

Unfortunately, Iranians in administrative processing is nothing new, and it is in fact, quite common. For various reasons, Iranians are often met with increased scrutiny, especially with regard to security and background checks.

Therefore, Iranians in administrative processing may face lengthy wait times before they are finally issued their visas.

Here are some common issues that may lead to applicants being flag. Applicants who:

  • Have been arrested or spent time in prison
  • Completed Military service
  • Have governmental positions
  • Have something in their background which may raise security concerns

It is not guarantee that any one thing will trigger a background check, but Iranians in administrative processing should know that this does not mean their visa won’t be issued. Instead it may just mean that more time is needed before they are given their visa.

Iranians in administrative processing should remain patient, and not spend too much time emailing consulate staff as these issues are often out of their hands.

You can find out more about administrative processing and how to expedite it by contacting a local immigration attorney.

This post is solely intended for educational purposes and is not legal advice.

Consult a qualified immigration Attorney in order to find out more information about Iranians in administrative processing or any other immigration matter.