Trump Travel BanUnderstanding the Trump Travel Ban

The following is only a brief update with regard to recent executive orders issued. Please seek updated advice as this situation continues to change as time goes on.

The following is just a brief overview of the Trump Travel Ban

As you may have heard there has been an Executive Order which limits travel for certain individuals into the United States. The countries affected by this ban are:  Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen

This ban can prevent anyone anyone with a visa from those countries from entering the United States. At various times it was even used to deny green card holders entry into the United States.
However, if you are here in the United States at this time, and have been granted asylum, are waiting for your asylum interview, or have your green card or some other status. You should be fine as of right now. 

Here are some general issues to keep in mind.

1. At this time it is best NOT to travel outside the United States, if you are here on a visa or another form of temporary status, and are a citizen of one of those countries listed.

2. At this time the they have suspended ENTRY into the country,  and have also revoked visa’s which have been issued for those countries. Therefore if you were in possession of a valid visa but did not enter the United States, this visa may have since been revoked, even if the expiration date has not yet occurred. You should confirm this with the consulate that issued the visa.

3. The ban is supposed to last 90 days, but after 90 days it may be continued if you country of origin does not “cooperate” with the state department on certain issues of security. This is all very unclear at this time, but one can assume that some if not all countries will NOT cooperate. Meaning that the ban could go on longer.

4. If you have a visa pending for yourself or a family member, there may be significant delays with this visa, but have hope that at some point things will be sorted out and they will continue to issues visa’s and allow people in the United States. As of now its not clear when that will be.  However, please be aware there are already legal challenges which may invalidate this order in part or completely within the near future. We just have to see how it plays out.

There remain significant concerns about the legal validity of this order, particularly with regard to due process issues and equal protection.I will be posting updates about this matter as time permits. Please do not consider this legal advice, but simply a brief update about a situation which continues to develop at this time. 

Please send me individual questions that you may have and I will do my best to answer them.
Consult a qualified immigration Attorney in order to find out more information about the Trump Travel Ban or any other immigration matter.